How to Manifest Your Mate (Soul, or Otherwise); Part Two

Hiya Words(R)Matter follower! 

Please enjoy this gripping follow-up to Part One in our How to Manifest Your Mate (or, Really, Anything) blog series. 

A couple things:

1. Despite my impressive multitasking abilities, we at Words(r)Matter do not recommend blogging and driving.

2. The video runs a little long (5 minutes, eek!). To this end, we advise flexing your attention span muscles and watching through the end, as this one is chock full o' really meaty lessons you won't find anywhere else on YouTube, or in the galaxy.

3. We are running our $50 Manifestation Punch-up Special through the end o' February. If you haven't already reached out to schedule a session, do it now. Scheduling availability is shrinking quickly.

That about covers it. Enjoy! Thanks for watching, liking and sharing, and remembering that every word matters. 


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