where are all the magic words?

it's no secret that we live in a society shaped by the masculine.  know that when i say "masculine," i don't mean men, and i'm not thinking in terms of gender, i mean the energies of the masculine polarity - the yang - logic, reason and linear structure.  our language reflects this bias.  think how many words there are for money - cash, coin, dough, bucks, moolah.  how many do we have for love?  for unseen energies, and for those who work with them?

around 1700 years ago, all the gnostic libraries were destroyed by those pushing a dogmatic religious (read: political) agenda.  most of the mystical texts were lost, as were our mystical words and our feminine language.

without words to represent these more enigmatic and esoteric concepts, people stopped believing in them.  we forgot about the magic for which we used to have so many names and words and descriptive symbols.

it's time to bring these concepts back into the mix.  and so, it's time for us to name them.  

let's make up some words, shall we?