truffle butter: a lesson in languaging

a truffle butter inspired languaging lesson...

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How to Manifest Your Mate (Soul, or Otherwise); Part Two

Hiya Words(R)Matter follower! 

Please enjoy this gripping follow-up to Part One in our How to Manifest Your Mate (or, Really, Anything) blog series. 

A couple things:

1. Despite my impressive multitasking abilities, we at Words(r)Matter do not recommend blogging and driving.

2. The video runs a little long (5 minutes, eek!). To this end, we advise flexing your attention span muscles and watching through the end, as this one is chock full o' really meaty lessons you won't find anywhere else on YouTube, or in the galaxy.

3. We are running our $50 Manifestation Punch-up Special through the end o' February. If you haven't already reached out to schedule a session, do it now. Scheduling availability is shrinking quickly.

That about covers it. Enjoy! Thanks for watching, liking and sharing, and remembering that every word matters. 


how to manifest your mate (soul, or otherwise): a languaging tip

Hiya Words (r) Matter followers!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am inspired to share some tips on how to most effectively manifest the partners we are choosing to call in (and if - like some of us - you are revising your book while launching your empire and don't actually have the bandwith for a spouse or a soulmate, know that this advice applies to all manner of relationships - dates, lovers, cuddle buddies, as well as to non-relational manifestations, like houses, cars, jobs, adventures, et al).

The key? Be specific. Like, really, super specific. Leave no room for guesswork, because the Universe - well, she can be a tricky teacher.

I am excited to announce my February Quantum Languaging special: $50 for vision list punch-ups, which is not only a steal, but a super fun learning exercise, to boot. As long as we're going through the effort of custom-crafting our reality with our words and our thoughts, why not do it efficiently?  

Be bold, be brave, be specific. Remember every word matters (and you are amazing). And, have a rockin' day. xodk


a languaging tip for yoga/dance/pilates/everything teachers

every word matters, which means when we instruct our students to "try" to do something, we program them with the possibility of failure. let us, instead, language our instructions to encourage such that our students cultivate confidence in their abilities, and thus triumph, effortlessly and with grace.

lose the word try, yo.



from Richard Rudd's "Gene Keys"...

excerpt from The 62nd Gene Key: The Language of Light:

It is not we who abuse language, but language that abuses us.  Language relies upon our frequency.  At low frequencies, it completely takes control of our reality.  The human intellectual capacity to read, write and speak is both our greatest blessing and our greatest curse.  Problems arise when we identify our lives with our thoughts...which have been pre-programmed throughout our upbringing. Until we are able to step outside of this mental framework, we are controlled by language instead of being free to control it.