yup, words do matter

a cluster of intentions, and my feet, which move me forward, towards the miracles i'm manifesting. plus, with my super-nifty intention buttons, i'm loving myself all the more with each and every step i take.


and then these words stumbled out of my mouth....

When I wandered into the Skirball Cultural Center for my volunteer training workshop on Monday morning, I was still a bit wonky from Sunday's remote shamanic healing. Shaman Ryan, as I'll now be calling the bright-eyed magic man, helped me pull a jellyfish from my throat, and I awoke with a nasty, red welt on my chest from the procedure. Needless to say (as we've already determined that need doesn't exist, "needless" seems an appropriate segue, or is it just lazy redundancy? Hmmmm.....), I was a bit out of it when I joined a group of about thirty elders, all Jews, at the Noah's Ark volunteer training, where, in a month's time, I'm slated to be helping out in the children's art studio twice a week.

Kate, a serious woman with a shiny bob, invited us to go around in a circle and introduce ourselves, while explaining which animal from the Ark best represents us, and why.

I went second, and as such, had no time to plot my answer. Here are the words that spilled forth from my jellyfish-blurry mind after about half a minute of grunting and stammering:

"Um...uh...a leopard....because...uh...they play with their kill and like to take naps."

It's not surprising that I spent my snack time alone, now is it?