how to manifest your mate (soul, or otherwise): a languaging tip

Hiya Words (r) Matter followers!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am inspired to share some tips on how to most effectively manifest the partners we are choosing to call in (and if - like some of us - you are revising your book while launching your empire and don't actually have the bandwith for a spouse or a soulmate, know that this advice applies to all manner of relationships - dates, lovers, cuddle buddies, as well as to non-relational manifestations, like houses, cars, jobs, adventures, et al).

The key? Be specific. Like, really, super specific. Leave no room for guesswork, because the Universe - well, she can be a tricky teacher.

I am excited to announce my February Quantum Languaging special: $50 for vision list punch-ups, which is not only a steal, but a super fun learning exercise, to boot. As long as we're going through the effort of custom-crafting our reality with our words and our thoughts, why not do it efficiently?  

Be bold, be brave, be specific. Remember every word matters (and you are amazing). And, have a rockin' day. xodk

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