a few words on "should"

Plenty of people are running rebel consciousness in some form or another, which renders them less open to being told what to do then, say, Virgos, religious fanatics or children.  Some folks, the author included, shut down when being told what to do, thus making themselves unavailable for whatever message may trail the otherwise well-intentioned heels of the casually dropped “should”.  As long as we’re expending the energy to communicate, doesn’t it make sense to support ourselves in being heard?  Should resonates at a despotic, tyrannical frequency that causes contraction in the receiver (i.e. the people we're talking to).  It’s infinitely more difficult to throw a ball through a tiny slit than a gaping hole.  Opting to employ words that expand the receiver makes it infinitely easier for them to hear and integrate our messages, and for us deliver them. 

Besides, a healthy third chakra isn’t interested in bossing anyone else around.  Free will’s way more fun.

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  1. In French, there are 2 ways to express "should", both have the imperative connotation of "must" more often than not. In the indicative and conditional moods, devoir is conjugated to represent "should, must, and owe," is also nominalized to represent "homework and responsibilities." "Should," is also conveyed by the subjunctive mood in French, an enigma to most native English speakers, and ranges from "it would be better if..." to "you must..." Something to ponder the next time you find yourself bartering with a Frenchman.