Since packing up the entirety of my hilltop bungalow last month, to move into this liminal question mark that is the as yet to be determined next nest, I've been pondering the word "home." While I'm officially without home - home-less, home-light, home-free - I'm realizing that home is neither structure, nor zip code; home is truly a moment to moment experience.

In this past week alone, I've moved from a treetop hideaway in Los Feliz, to a Sherman Oaks dream house, complete with Tempurpedic bed, 1000+ thread count sheets, and the World's greatest bathtub; dropped in on a gutted Malibu mansion, and ended up, last night, on a futon perched atop a Silverlake yoga studio, from which I currently type.

So, here are some thoughts on home:

Home is Yerba Mate and dance class.  Home is my book proposal, and on this end of its completion, my book.   Home is every friend who isn't worried about me, and who lets me forward my mail to their house, and who hands me a Powerbook without blinking an eye when my own laptop has an impromptu panic attack and I'm tempted to follow suit.  Home is an incoming text: "thinking of you," "how are you?," "i love you."  Home is a kitten cuddle on a Malibu couch.  Home is Dirty Chocolate.  Home is the key to my favorite Pilates studio, for midnight core connecting.  Home is Guru Singh in my headphones, imploring me to get cozy with my discomfort, to embrace this uncertainty and to "Wake the f--- up!"  Home is my iPhone charger in my purse, and a trunkful of shoes.  Home is my morning meditation, and my favorite blue sweatshirt, and Savasana and Sufi Bliss Ascension Oil.  

Home is right here, right now, ouchie hands, and all.

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  1. You are awake! Home is in the Heart...and you've got a lot of it! Its a big home with lots of room, cozy, comfy and filled with love!

    Here's to being home!