which are more dangerous: words or actions?

If you're interested, here is the link to the article that inspired tonight's blog:

At least it made for some juicy material, right?

Oh, the folly of being human....


  1. Words are often more dangerous than actions. Actions can be more dangerous than words. Is being dangerous such a terrible thing? Now, "damaging", that's an entirely different question.

  2. ooh, i like that: "is being dangerous such a terrible thing?"

    juicy...loaded...pondering, pondering, pondering....thx, paul.

  3. words are actions... actions are words. being honest and holding fidelity to our intentions can be just as dangerous as spilling the maya all over this paradigm. hmmm... what's at steak here? reputation? the ego elevation of 'knowing'... anyone who has experienced the event, via direct or reflection has the OPPORTUNITY to question the depth of their read into the "what happened"... this is gettin heady... heading back into my body... ahhhh.

  4. smooth free love swim float glide hug kiss sleep soft skin caress cloud water smile sigh relax play dance butter flower fly velvet bloom grow wander creamy fresh clean green open yes let's....

  5. those are some beautiful, expansive, empowering high-vibing words every which way for sure for sure, oh lovely luap. thank you for every last one of 'em.