need: an inquiry in multiple installments...vol. 2

for all of you out there in empowered languaging land: a quick and tidy follow-up to our first installment.

more to come...ever and
always more and more and more to come....


  1. It appears to be an expression of the fear we feel in the face of the void - the not - the emptiness that is part of the illusion of substance... "a lack of something requisite, desireable, or useful; a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism"

    here is some etymology: Old High German - not = distress, Old Prussian - nautin = need

    In order to experience life in our bodies, our cells require oxygen and so we 'need' to breathe. Our judgement of this relationship between that we call 'need' does not change or affect it's majesty and mystery...

    thank you for digging deep Dani

  2. thank you so much for your take on this, oh wise brown rabbit. i'm sitting with the etymology...ruminating on it all...

    yes, our cells absolutely need oxygen, just as our bodies need water and our minds need flexing. still, i wonder if there are other areas in which our supposition that we "need" keeps us in the illusion of lack, of limitation, of smallness, of...of....

    as a larger, conceptual issue, especially when it comes to our relationships, does the illusion of "need" keep us from drawing strength and power and magic within ourselves - does it keep us from evolving into the creating superheroes we are now called to BE?

    and so the inquiry continues to unfold upon itself....

    thanks, brown rabbit. loving you from the center of this shimmying question mark.