as quickly as it began...

i met k briefly at a gallery opening before talking with him at the boogie down dancing queen's "leos, leos, everywhere leos" birthday party friday night. we spoke about the rift between men and women here in los angeles, and our friend's sometimes tendency to speak so softly that it's difficult to hear her. i told him i'd read a book about energy bodies that explains low-talking as a specific personality type.

i received a message from him immediately upon accepting his facebook friend request saturday afternoon. the following exchange took place in about five minutes:


k: So...what did Healing Hands say about low talkers?

d: it's an unconscious (subconscious?) manipulation to pull the other closer (energetically/physically) so that they can cord in to your third chakra.

make sense?

k: I don't know what the 3rd chakra is, but I have a friend who has espoused a similar theory and I always resisted it. Maybe it feels too devious to me.

d: it's unconscious.

devious is a judgment. it's manipulative. we all have similar issues on various levels.

it merely is.

k: i hate you.


  1. of course! who are you, teeemster?

  2. You are courageous, compassionate, beautiful, and empowered.... keep up the good work dear Dani Katz! You Rock!